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ACTIVITY/ SEPTEMBER   01- 30 2014 


Activity report here will ony follow, if new events take place. For other environmental reports, please visit the solar and terrestrial blog on my homepage


SEPTEMBER 26- 30- 2014

a low magnitude earth quake from a depth of just 3 km was registered on September 29 at 16:48  in  the center of valle de Golfo- which forms the remnant of the edge  of a former shield volcano, resp. crater. Next days will show whether this was an isolated event, or in any sense a  first serious approach of magma to  the surface.

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
129811929/09/201416:48:4427.7658-18.05873 1.7mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129796029/09/201406:17:0827.6704-18.028412 1.7mbLgSW EL PINAR.IHI[+]
129788228/09/201411:56:5428.8457-15.825034 2.1mbLgATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS[+]
129755625/09/201422:14:0927.7025-18.024613 1.5mbLgW EL PINAR.IHI[+]



SEPTEMBER 15- 25- 2014

magma intrusion  below El Hierro seems to continue on the  low level, it was already during the past months. The depth of the shockwaves was between 11 and 16 km. 

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
129680622/09/201411:37:4927.8256-17.7880161.8mbLgE VALVERDE.IHI[+]
129676622/09/201410:23:3727.7347-18.0214112.0mbLgSW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129653721/09/201401:33:2927.8148-18.0285362.0mbLgNW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129652821/09/201400:58:4927.8006-18.0513362.1mbLgNW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129639819/09/201413:14:3427.7457-18.2974152.2mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129619418/09/201409:26:4827.7132-18.0534121.6mbLgSW FRONTERA.IHI[+]



SEPTEMBER 11- 14- 2014

Lower activity during the past days  with one minor magmatic quake below El Hierro with a depth of just 9 km- the most shallow quake measured  there since begin of the activity phase end of 2013:

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
129540214/09/201419:24:5327.6871-18.091191.6mbLgW EL PINAR.IHI[+]



SEPTEMBER 10- 2014


Sep 90/ 10: Sudden dramatic increase in solar activity: Two strong  flares  ( one M 5 and one X 1 class ) within 48 hours 
and new solar proton storm

This will rock!

I was just really kind of shocked when reviewing solar data after I  had received today an email message reporting  two  sudden and strong strong solar  X-  flares those occured by th sudden within 48 hours  after a more tghan half year  of tranquility , that made most believe, that solar sun spot activity had decreased after its peak back in 2013-. What makes  me  a bit of "shivering "was/is the high amplitude this event shows in the X ray spectrum:

 The second flare was ( > the  expected SEP serial...) accomponied by another solar SEP ( proton event). This proton storm  will again intensify global hot spot activities ( in the sense of intensifying magma intrusions) and raise the risk of eruptions as well as all the other multiple geophysical effects proton storm actually  have. ( I just wanted to my default daily activitioes , but surely will update my solar blog soon : First of all,  users of global networks such as GPS should be careful about radio blackouts the next days those can occure  on satellite connections as well as in physical terrestrial cable networks. Also disturbances ( blackouts) may occure in parts of the high frequency band those are  used for  satellite based TV transmissions and other information services ( handy networks)
Today I first will make a video from the solar event .
new incrrease in integral proton flux, while the last one was just about to diminuish.



SEPTEMBER 07- 09 - 2014

A slight increase in activity:

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
129460209/09/201417:44:4327.7208-18.0125151.50NW EL PINAR.IHI[+]
129459409/09/201417:34:1727.7421-17.9922121.5mbLgSE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129435308/09/201418:10:5827.5660-18.19911.6mbLgSW EL PINAR.IHI[+]
129432608/09/201412:02:3527.7124-18.0433101.7mbLgW EL PINAR.IHI[+]
129431208/09/201411:58:0427.7130-18.0468121.6mbLgSW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129424408/09/201405:19:4427.7971-18.2375291.8mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129419507/09/201415:25:3827.7242-18.0208121.9mbLgSW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129418807/09/201414:17:2727.7110-18.1468192.3mbLgSW FRONTERA.IHI[+]



SEPTEMBER 06- 2014

unchanged situation with increased activity on September 06- 2014

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
129404006/09/201420:04:2027.8408-18.2768101.8mbLgNW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129402806/09/201414:48:4927.7185-18.0297121.7mbLgW EL PINAR.IHI[+]


Tremors are still very weak -with a low  amplitude ( even on Teneriffe) but seem ( to me) to have a higher frequency ( what may be typical for hot magma??)


There was at least no further liftup process on El Hierro in the past months until end of August 2014 

There are no data yet about the deformation since begin of the new activity phase end of August 2014:


There is no big change in the thermal images of the four islands El Hierro,  La Palma, Teneriffe and La Gomera, since I reviewed the images last time. : The colorisation of the volcano chain on La Palma ( cumbra vieja) seems to me to have a bit intensified:


update for Barbadunga volcano/ Iceland:

after days of cloudy skies, NASAs  Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) was first time able to make a thermal image of the extent of the lava flow below  resp. within the large Barbadunga caldera:

(by NASA/ MODIS): 

Though photographers, seismologists, and automated webcams have been documenting the eruption near Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano from the ground, satellite imagery has been scarce because of persistent cloud cover and a relatively small number of spacecraft that collect images at high latitudes. But in the past few days, NASA satellites have finally been able to observe the event from orbit.
At 12:45 p.m. Universal Time on August 31, 2014, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite acquired this false-color view of the eruption.. read more...

( NASA/ MODIS/ 20140905):

Early on September 5, the Icelandic Met Office reported two new fissures had developed south of the initial eruption site. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terrasatellite captured this view of the eruption on September 5, 2014, at 12:50 p.m. local time. The red outline shows where MODIS detected unusually high surface temperatures associated with volcanic activity. A plume of gas and steam is blowing east.
“These two new fissures are closer to the Vatnajökull ice cap (just 2 kilometers north of its edge), so concern is growing larger than the eruption will start happening subglacially, potentially causing glacial outburst floods as the lava erupts under the ice,” wrote Denison University geologist Erik Klemetti in ablog post for more...

estimated extent of the magma accumulation in the region lof the Barbadunga Caldera on S Aug 27- September 01/ 2014:

High-resolution composite of a natural-color observation from August 27 overlaid with an infrared (IR) night view from September 1. Image credit: Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 satellite

Other interesting news sources for updates on the Barbadunga eruption:



SEPTEMBER 05 - 2014:

two more magmatic quakes followed on September 04 and  05 the  new increase of activity from the hot spot and mantle plume below El Hierro, that began on September 01:

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
129370005/09/201404:28:2127.7698-18.2217111.9mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129365304/09/201421:40:2527.7006-18.0193122.3mbLgW EL PINAR.IHI[+]

(remark: This hot spot activity- as also others-  again resumed and increased after another  solar SEP had occured on September 01- ( its a long duration event and the proton storm now last already 5 days) The first weak SEP on August 25 (likely the begin of a typical SEP serial) followed by the LED proton storm on Sep 01 was the first SEP (also called: " SAP or: "SPE" > solar accelerated  protons/ solar proton event )  after an half year with no SEP at all. You find more about solar SEP in this blog page below . Latest informations  and updates you find in my and terrestrial blog on my homepage )

< img 1: 20140901/ after 11 UTC:  its better to see on the movie than on this still picture: Beginning proton event . eruption near  Northern Solar pole between 60 °- 90° latitude on earth facing side of the Sun. (on Stereo Behind. the earth stands at the right side of image)

imag 2: Particle  flux some hours  after the proton eruption took place: ( image: STEREO BEHIND/COR 1):



after a serial of stronger magmatic quakes higher than M 5, an expected volcanic surface eruption began End of August within the wider area of Bardabunga volcano caldera in the Southern part of Iceland: as expected the caldera seems not to have an intact  larger magma chamber in which pressure could built up for an explosive eruption, but erupted  in form of a   fissure event that appeared first in a more Northern part  of the caldera as   a steam eruption.   This activity then shifted the day after to another fissure along which then  also fountains of lava were visible  On September 05, plumes of smoke were visible from several spots in the same areas. On September 06, activity temporarely decreased in the same area to a steam eruption.

Credit: Univ. of Iceland/Sævar Helgi Bragason


SEPTEMBER 01- 04- 2014:

I was busy the last days and could only update  on my homepage:


activity however has resumed and increased during the past days. especially after September 01- 2014:

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
129336303/09/201422:35:5627.7152-18.219916III3.8mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129336003/09/201419:53:3627.7501-18.2133332.4mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
129301302/09/201405:34:0727.7324-18.0778191.8mbLgSW FRONTERA.IHI[+]

the M 3.8 quake on Sep 03 was also registered by EMSC. EMSC registeres quakes worldwide form a magnitude of M 4 on and those within Eurooe from a magnitide higher M 2 on) 


Interestingly, tremor signals  on the islands are very weak. I don`t know, but would imagine that new hot magma makes weaker tremors than magma, that cools down

(Tremors sigals Gran Can)


after more than a half year with low actiovity and  no further proton events, an active region on the Sun produced a minor proton event on August 25 and another stronger proton event on September 01.

< SEP on 20140825

 < SEP on 20140901

 As my documentary shows, protons events occure mostly in serials. So this one might not be the last one in the next weeks and month ahead.
First protons after both  solar event reached the earth about 2 hours later , So- with around 20.000 km/ second  the speed of these first  protons arriving at earth was  with  rather slow, what depends just on th ankle, the active sun spot reaching that produces the event has to the central meridian. If a SEP occurs, while ( as it was last time the case in May 2014) the active region  is on the central meridian, protons of this strange events reach almost the of light..

Some people doubt the results of my documentary and research, that these protons emitted with  ( normally seldom) those  SEP) are geoeffective as no othern known solar activity ( flares, prominences CMEs...)These subatomar particles ( first the emitted   protons, later the earths atrackts electrons form the interplanetary field to regain neutrality and balance)do not behave as usual solar winds ( consisting out of atomes and ions) but are  atrackted by the Earth geomagnetic field and move along its magnatic flied lines, on which thes by and by slow down by frictions what can esü during longer lasting protons storms created a large amount of heat that heats up the Earth mantle what leads then to magmatic intrusion mainly from hot spots such as theCanaries are. (find more about that on my HP) 

However , as I could just fonmd on my review, a stronger magmativ shock has occured also on EL heierro on September 03 and might be the begin of a new phase of magma intrusion. 
In July 2014,this magma that accumulates now since more than 6 month within the old Caldera of the Canary islands first time has reached a level of  5 km ( belew sea level) below Mount Teide on Tenerife which seems to be the most probably site where an surface eruoption might occure , if ths activioty does not come to a longer stillstand ( so the magma cam colld down and harden out) , but continues as it is poresently the case.


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