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THE CANARY HOTSPOT- volcano islands blog and forum- March 01- 16- 2014



^background image by wikicommonsBerthold Werner/ TEIDE Volcano Caldera/ Teneriffe/Islas Canarias
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week:  March 01- 16- 2014


Activity report here will ony follow, if new events take place. For other environmental reports, please visit the solar and terrestrial blog on my homepage


March 16 2014

Magma intrusion from the hot spot below El Hierro continued on March 16,  but decreased both in number and intensity. Still no quake from  depths lower than 12- 15 km and no signs of any surface activity. Allthough the sensiibility of the instruments was obvioulsy lowered, weak harmonic tremors ( caused by heat vibration of hot magma) are still present on all islands and are still relatively strongest on Gran Canaria:

< GRANCAN/ 20140317

THE MODVOLC image from March 17 shows no visible  bigh changes compared with the temperature signature observed during  the previous week,, but seems to have increased slightly. Surface heat is still rerlatively highest around the Teide volcano massive and crater

 < MODVOLC real time thermal alerts/ Teneriffe, La Gomera, La Palma/ El Hierro

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126336817/03/201408:07:5327.7999-17.9670161.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126336217/03/201405:07:3427.8092-17.9539241.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126329516/03/201420:57:3627.7961-17.9508172.0mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126328016/03/201417:18:3827.7564-17.9441191.6mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126327816/03/201413:47:1127.7975-17.9574181.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126327116/03/201412:14:1427.8002-17.9414181.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126327016/03/201411:53:5627.7812-17.9426171.7mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126326816/03/201411:29:0827.7763-17.9537161.5mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126326716/03/201411:14:5027.7903-17.9664161.7mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126326416/03/201409:29:2427.7928-17.9588172.2mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126326216/03/201409:01:1927.7711-17.9624172.0mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126325516/03/201407:11:2227.8075-17.9662181.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126325116/03/201406:02:2127.7875-17.9685162.2mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126324616/03/201405:23:2427.7794-17.9444182.0mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126323316/03/201404:14:3027.7987-17.9611162.1mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126323216/03/201403:57:3527.8092-17.9688172.0mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126322916/03/201403:23:5927.7968-17.9559171.5mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126322816/03/201403:20:5927.7945-17.9532191.8mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126322716/03/201402:24:4227.7845-17.9763201.5mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126322616/03/201402:15:2327.8193-17.9618181.8mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126322116/03/201401:52:1827.7989-17.9686181.8mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126314916/03/201400:56:3427.8079-17.9733171.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126317316/03/201400:55:4827.8187-17.9696181.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126319916/03/201400:30:2227.8499-17.9642181.5mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126317716/03/201400:13:1027.7940-17.9693182.0mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]


March 15 2014

here first some updated  informations about the related drift of the southern part of the african tectonic plate  with its tow vectors  (1) towards the west and towards the equator that effects as an continental pressure onto  of the Canary  towards the Northeast


M 5.1 - OWEN FRACTURE ZONE REGION - 2014-03-15 02:59:29 UTC

Interesting are also the frequent earthquake in the Owen fracture zone not far from the horn of Africa some southeast of the red sea and Afar triangle, where the African plate opens in a long ranging trench that leads through the entire Southern part of africa thatn is therefore expected to split  oof from the Northern part at any time in the farer future.
satellite image/ Afar trench 

The Afar Depression is the product of a tectonic triple junction (the Afar Triple Junction), where the spreading ridges that form the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden emerge on land and meet the East African Rift ( wikipedia)

 In February 2005 researchers found  the trenchhad obviously  begun to open  with a much (1000 x) higher rate than before. ( 1 m/ year before 2005 and 1 meter or more since then) . What indeed was shown to them by the Ethiopians who live there,  was a long  about 16.- 20 meter trench leading throughout the country, and which obvioulsy suddenly opened resp  had widened shortly before. I myself ( that is not the common and official opionion) strongly believe that a  deep sudden crack that was going through the existing  continental  crack in late 2004  what was indeed has caused the 9.6 Magnitude Sumatra quake on Dec 26- 2004.
This sudden event was likely  caused by the immense expansion forces of magma that began rising up through the existing continental crack there at this time from the mantle  below. the inbelievable  expansion forces - created in mantle magma by the decreasing graviational forces widened the crack then, what lad then to a sudden movement of the southern part of the african quake  which than transformed its energy ny the resistance this movement achieved  on the boundary to the Indian plate that leads along the NE coast of Java and Sumatra.


Analysis showed : An entire serial or Protons storms had occured,  beginning on Nov 11 2004  and ending with the last but  strongest SEP on  February 2005 (click here for the related NASA report) . Solar accelerated Protons (SAP or SEP) those hit the earth,  interact with and move along  the opposite ( negative/ > electrons) ) charged geomagnetic field lines  through the earth body where their cinetic energy ( just caused by the acceleration from 20.000 km/ s up to a almost light velocity done by the initial solar  SEP eruption )  is then by and by transformed INTO HEAT by friction with the dense earth core, until they finally slow them down until and integrate as the  energyless mass particles they are into existing nuclear cores , This rising temperature of the earth mantle  then presses regularly during  proton storms magma upwards ( magma intrusion )on hot spots or in geological spreading zones.
I have not to repeat, that we just also had another- this time  medium intense but with almost 2 weeks  VERY  LONG LASTING- solar  SEP event ( proton storms)  just before the activity on the El Hierro hot spot increased again on March 14, which is just one in a long serial of SEPs those usually intensify around  the maxima of the 11 years solar sun spot cycle such as 2012/213. This  increased protons flux come in from the Sun dropped back to normal levels just on March 09  but the  many protons those came in over these almost two weeks are still very active and have not finally slown done yet ..Click here, to find regular reports on those solar terrestrial activities on my website
<< satellite based heat absorption signature  at the begin of the recent proton storm on February  25 2014 (NASA- D- RAP)


the seimic magmatic swarm below El Hieero continued on March 15 2014 and intensified in number / frequency) and intensity. The average depth was about at 18 km with a range between 15 and 20 km. One single quake came from a depth of 6 km, but seems at the moment not to seem a first sign that magma rises up to the surface but rather an echoe to deeper quakes. 

There is a low week  tremor on all islands, the tremor intensity (standing for the vibrations the magma causes by its heat and be different gases it can mix with in differind depths) seems to decrease with  the  rising heat. Tremors are still relatively highest on Gran Canaria and is today second high on la Gomera.

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126309115/03/201417:11:1727.7793-17.9539172.1mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126309215/03/201417:08:0827.7908-17.9636172.0mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126307415/03/201416:25:3227.7920-17.9409181.5mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126306615/03/201415:37:0527.7870-17.9503181.6mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126306515/03/201415:21:3627.7849-17.9681162.0mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126306415/03/201415:16:5127.7905-17.9675162.1mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126306215/03/201415:10:1727.7875-17.9692181.6mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126306115/03/201414:53:0227.7063-17.9479181.6mbLgE EL PINAR.IHI[+]
126306015/03/201414:19:5727.8733-18.0399181.5mbLgNW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126305715/03/201413:42:4727.7672-17.9617161.9mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126305615/03/201413:37:0127.7407-17.9619181.7mbLgSE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126305415/03/201412:54:0127.6083-17.940961.5mbLgSE EL PINAR.IHI[+]
126304815/03/201412:21:0727.7873-17.9567171.7mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126305015/03/201411:26:2427.7809-17.9789171.6mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126304615/03/201411:14:1827.7767-17.9626171.7mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126304415/03/201411:10:0727.7987-17.9476182.0mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126304515/03/201411:08:2127.7866-17.9723191.7mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126303715/03/201410:18:0527.7991-17.9619171.9mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126299015/03/201409:58:4027.7347-17.9675191.5mbLgNE EL PINAR.IHI[+]
126298815/03/201409:25:0327.7524-17.9592181.7mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126298715/03/201409:16:2727.7759-17.9774171.5mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126298515/03/201408:51:2327.7227-17.99811.6mbLgNW EL PINAR.IHI[+]
126296315/03/201408:34:4327.7979-17.9546182.3mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126295515/03/201408:12:4927.8003-17.9626192.0mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126295415/03/201408:09:1527.7858-17.9563191.8mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126295215/03/201407:46:3127.7660-17.9488191.6mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126295115/03/201407:36:5727.8116-17.9512201.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126295015/03/201407:34:3327.8080-17.9538201.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126294915/03/201407:29:0127.7937-17.9557191.9mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126294615/03/201407:24:1827.8004-17.9444181.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126294715/03/201406:47:1927.8057-17.9725171.5mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126294515/03/201406:42:5127.7863-17.9709211.6mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126294215/03/201406:31:0927.7995-17.9533182.1mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126293715/03/201406:12:5127.7997-17.9556191.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126293615/03/201406:11:2127.7980-17.9589171.5mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126293415/03/201406:04:3727.7892-17.9498171.7mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126293315/03/201405:59:2227.7594-17.9446191.5mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126293215/03/201405:56:3627.7959-17.9503172.0mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126293115/03/201405:47:5527.7941-17.9647191.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126292915/03/201405:43:4027.7877-17.9483171.5mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126292215/03/201405:32:1727.7908-17.9487181.6mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126292515/03/201405:31:5127.7532-17.9597191.5mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126291915/03/201405:30:4827.7714-17.9428191.5mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126293015/03/201405:29:1427.8005-17.9510171.9mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126292815/03/201405:24:3027.8186-17.9507191.7mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126292615/03/201405:16:3827.7812-17.9544182.2mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126292315/03/201405:12:0027.7976-17.9502171.8mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126292115/03/201405:08:0627.7918-17.9637161.7mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126292015/03/201405:03:1627.7892-17.9584171.6mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126290215/03/201404:50:0827.8033-17.9556191.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126290515/03/201404:43:2727.7791-17.9495181.6mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126290415/03/201404:33:0227.7919-17.9580181.6mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126289915/03/201404:26:0227.7564-17.9504171.5mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126290115/03/201404:22:1127.8257-17.9552171.5mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126289815/03/201404:13:2327.7863-17.9600162.4mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126289715/03/201404:11:0127.7903-17.9487201.5mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126288715/03/201403:55:0127.7988-17.9689191.8mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126288915/03/201403:43:2027.7920-17.9665181.7mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126288815/03/201403:42:2227.7933-17.9651181.6mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126288615/03/201403:40:4927.7963-17.9612181.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126288415/03/201403:33:1827.7725-17.9510191.9mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126288215/03/201403:32:3927.7899-17.9456191.5mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126287815/03/201403:22:1327.7909-17.9615191.5mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126288015/03/201403:19:1727.7869-17.9681181.5mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126287915/03/201403:19:1727.8010-17.9498171.8mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126287315/03/201402:57:1027.8003-17.9442201.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126287415/03/201402:47:2027.7907-17.9591171.8mbLgSW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126286915/03/201402:45:3327.8293-17.9673202.2mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126287515/03/201402:44:0827.8271-17.9591191.9mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126286315/03/201402:40:3327.7622-17.9532191.8mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126286515/03/201402:35:5827.7962-17.9526182.2mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126286615/03/201402:16:2827.6898-18.0238271.6mbLgSW EL PINAR.IHI[+]
126286115/03/201402:00:4627.8064-17.9641181.50W VALVERDE.IHI[+]


March 13- 14- 2014

A new and intensive earthquake swarm set in  on March 14 with more than 25 quakes. The strongest since the new activity phase began in late December 2013. The microquakes all occured  all below the  el Golfo valley in The Northwest of   El Hierro island massive and are related to a new magma intrusion from the hot spot below.

 There is no report yet about any surface activity:

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126273214/03/201417:10:3127.8137-17.9534201.6mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126273114/03/201416:24:4627.7576-17.9562221.8mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126272914/03/201416:01:3327.8261-17.9601181.9mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126270514/03/201414:46:0127.7771-17.9757191.8mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126268214/03/201413:47:4127.7995-17.9640191.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126268014/03/201413:34:2427.7939-17.9707181.5mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126267914/03/201413:26:3127.7359-17.9750191.5mbLgN EL PINAR.IHI[+]
126266914/03/201412:58:1327.7612-17.9527211.7mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126266214/03/201412:11:4327.8124-17.9714191.8mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126266014/03/201412:07:1927.7763-17.9799191.7mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126265514/03/201412:00:3827.7525-17.9741201.5mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126264714/03/201411:43:5027.7583-17.9711191.9mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126264814/03/201411:31:2827.7623-17.9647191.6mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126264314/03/201411:18:5227.8364-17.9925171.8mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126263714/03/201411:10:3627.7399-17.9637202.3mbLgNE EL PINAR.IHI[+]
126263614/03/201411:03:3627.7562-17.9641191.5mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126263414/03/201410:44:5427.8048-17.9808171.5mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126263314/03/201410:33:2827.8082-17.9770211.8mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126263214/03/201410:28:1527.8196-17.9709191.8mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126262714/03/201410:25:0427.8129-17.9807221.5mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126261914/03/201410:04:2527.7472-17.9990242.0mbLgS FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126261514/03/201409:45:1127.8462-18.0090191.8mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126260814/03/201409:37:0827.8229-17.9705171.5mbLgNW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126260414/03/201408:51:5527.8222-17.9806171.7mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126259914/03/201408:16:2427.7562-17.9492171.9mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126259814/03/201408:12:1227.8088-17.9721181.9mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126259614/03/201407:57:5627.8148-17.9631182.0mbLgW VALVERDE.IHI[+]
126260214/03/201407:26:1927.7845-17.9687172.0mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126260014/03/201407:22:2027.8017-17.9725162.2mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126259414/03/201407:09:5927.7799-17.9714192.1mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126258214/03/201406:17:2927.8086-17.9899182.1mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126259314/03/201406:04:2327.7580-17.9895181.8mbLgE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126259014/03/201405:57:1727.7985-17.9939192.2mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126258814/03/201405:56:1427.8043-17.9925182.3mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126258614/03/201405:46:2927.7870-17.9949181.8mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126258114/03/201405:43:4127.7824-18.0024191.9mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257914/03/201405:42:5727.7771-17.9979172.1mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126258014/03/201405:42:3827.7620-17.9857201.9mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126259214/03/201405:32:4427.7817-17.9981162.1mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126259114/03/201405:26:5227.8028-17.9917182.3mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126258914/03/201405:21:3127.7896-17.9925201.8mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126258714/03/201405:16:4227.8049-17.9983172.1mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257814/03/201405:15:4627.7861-17.9894202.2mbLgNE FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257714/03/201404:58:2927.8064-18.0018161.8mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257614/03/201404:35:2027.8142-18.0167171.7mbLgNW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257414/03/201404:31:4327.8115-18.0152191.8mbLgNW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257514/03/201404:27:3527.8076-18.0032181.6mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257314/03/201404:24:4827.7749-18.0025181.5mbLgN FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126257214/03/201404:12:0827.7864-18.0232191.7mbLgNW FRONTERA.IHI[+]

Tremors below all,island remained rather low. But again and similar as during earlier magma intrusions the  earthquake swarm activity increased also near  near Puerto Rico short,y after the activity increased below El Hierro: I have the suspicion that the force of uprising magma has effects onto the trenches in the atlantic causing  a spreading there that causes pressure on the aneighbored Carribbean plate:

frist quake today happened there after 5 UTC:


March 11- 12- 2014

another two quakes on March 12. The first quake below El Pinar / El Hierro was likely caused by new magma intrusion from  the hot spot beölow th island

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126238312/03/201413:21:5828.6949-16.4051342.4mbLgN TEGUESTE.ITF[+]
126228712/03/201402:39:4627.7115-17.9109292.0mbLgE EL PINAR.IHI[+]

The second quake occured near the northern coast of Teneriffe in a depth of  34 kilometer and seems (to me)  rather to be related to tectonic movements on a wider scale mainly  caused  by the African plate :

therelated  epicenter map by IGN cannot be implemented and EMSC only records quakes above magnitude M 2.0. But I can leave you for today with   a new  3 D bathymetric video  scan of the volcano crater that formed offshore South of El Hierro at end of the first new activity phase in 2011:


The intensified seismicc Earthquake along the Andreas fault that continues since January 08 2014  . This activity also increased following the minor but long lasting S1  proton storm  that was triggered along with an  an X 1.2 flare on February 27  and continued until March.7, with protons still active with the Earth s body and core. Seismic activity there peaked with  a stronger 6.9 quake on March 09 followed by at least 50 afterquakes higher than M 3.0 on the same day  and with a rise in average tremor activity there to M 3 level during then past days :

M 6.9 - OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - 2014-03-10 05:18:13 UTC

M 4.4 - CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - 2014-03-13 02:11:04 UTC

also other regions in the USA are shaked by unusual earthquake activity such as the Oklahoma region in the central US, where a seismic swearm  continues now also since weeks. Also the seismic activity in the Golf of Mexico is still on higher level after the strong eq swarm had begun in January 2014 , 
The frequent seismic activity along  central American west coast also peaked with  several stronger quakes those likely relate3d to the increased activity of the volcanoes Pacaya / Guatemala and Popcatepetl/ Mexico.
Find more about those current news in my solar an d terrestrial blog on my HP 


March 09- 10- 2014

Two minor quakes with shallow depth of 7 km occurred on March 09 and 10, the second on March 10 again between Teneriffe and Gran Canaria. 

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo

There is a suspicious sea mount which might become a volcano crater. The quake likely seems to be related to the hot spot activity. Its still very likely, that  and " surface" eruption of any kind would-  if-  then occure  subseas,  where the resistance is lower 


increased again after March 07 with new magmatic intrusion and  three new quakes below El Hierro on all,islands,. Tremors intensity on March 10 is strongest with almost equal levels on Gran Canaria , La Gomera and Fuerteventura:

< GRANCAN/ 20140310


March 07- 08- 2014

The activity below El Hierro increased on March 08- likely  a new boost of magma from the hot spot below. 

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126180708/03/201414:24:4327.7580-18.3140122.0mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126178908/03/201401:50:1927.7776-18.2248171.8mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126178808/03/201401:33:0727.7585-18.1801182.6mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]

(EMSC) M 2.6 - CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION - 2014-03-08 01:33:07 UTC

The stronger tremors obviously decreased on March 7 on all islands -  allthough it seems, that the sensibility of the seismographs  might have been changed as well . not the first time, as we know...

Tremors were and are  relatively strongest on Gran Canaria:

One quake on March 07:

the quake was localised in a depth of 33 km between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura


March 02- 04- 2014

The increased quake activity continued since February 27.  Yet, most of these microquakes occured near to the hot spot below El Hierro.  Withe the new activity since Feb 27 is ,  that several quakes occured  between Teneriffe and Gran Canaria and beyond, westwards of Lanzerote. IGN still can`t  or won`t tell, , in which depth the  quake  on Feb 27 occured , which was located directly below Teneriffe and near to the Teide volcano, 
With  depths  of up to 80 km km the two quakes  that occured most northwards , west of Lanzerote might be rather a result of  deep tectonic movements. 
The quakes those occured near the other islands are  with 11- 20 km more shallow - and - as most observers conclude- very  likely  an indicator for a new magma imovements / and ntrusion:

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126100201/03/201419:45:2227.7181-18.2893111.5mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]
126088101/03/201413:55:2827.8963-15.3649463.4mbE AGÜIMES.IGC[+]

< location of the latest M 1.8 quake on Mar 03 in a dapth of 80 km 


Harmonic tremors ars still present on all islands, and are relatively weakest on El Hierro and  La Palma , become stronger towards the North East of the archipelago and are still strongest on Gran Canaria:

< granCan/ 20140303- 04

There is no typical red colorisation on the MODVOLC Images of Fuerteventura and Lanzerote, what means that, the magmatic intrusion  from the El Hierro hotspot does just not reach the eastern islands, but is limited to a area  that ends in its northern extension at the boundaries of  Teneriffe and GranCan.  The magmatic pressure  indeed seems to concentrate  somewhere between Teneriffe and Gran Canaria , where - so I believe- any surface eruptiion ( if it should comes so far!!) likely would occure.

Heat signatures remained uequal on all islands since January 2014.  Its difficult to judge the Modvolc thermal images  so exactly , but I would say  there was a slight  increase on Teneriffe s thermal signature since the past week. I have falsely stored the first images in December 2013., so I can`t present the entire evolution  since then. . But I can at least tell, , that heat signature on Teneriffe indeed by and by increased since the new volcanic activity began ion Dec 22- 26/ 2013  In January 2014 , the read colorisation was  first only visible  on the northern flank of Mnt. Teide., but crawled then afterwards slowly over the entire crater region and covers now the entire Teide summit:


March 01- 2014

2nd update: another minor quake below El Hierro:

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126100201/03/201419:45:2227.7181-18.2893111.5mbLgW FRONTERA.IHI[+]

first update: One M 3.3 quake  today, this time near the Northern Coast of Gran Canaria. The quake was very deep: its unlikely that it is in direct relation to the hot spot  below El Hierro.

EventoFechaHora(GMT)*Latitud Longitud Prof.
Int. Máx.Mag.Tipo Mag. (**)LocalizaciónInfo
126088101/03/201413:55:2828.2577-15.3999463.3mbN LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA.IGC[+]

The marmonic tremors, those had increased on February 26, continued  to be on higher level  on all islands including El Hierro.
Tremor is still strongest on Gran Canaria . The seismograph there  obvioulsy also recorded numerous microquakes:

< Gran Canaria/ 20140301

Several stronger single microquakes are slo visible on the spectrogramm of Gran Canaria:

Thats all for today: The M 3.3 quake on February 27 west of Lanzerote was meanwhile localised in a depth of 46 kilometer. But still IGN could not tell the depth  of the fare more interesting first M 2.1 quake that occured on February 27 on  Teneriffe , below the Southeastern flank of  the Teide massive near to the crater caldera .

 activity reports/ end

Über diesen Blog/ about this blog:

Ich habe beschlossen den Blog, bzw. zumindest die aktuellen Berichte  in englischer Sprache fortzuführen. Mit Englisch lässt sich das alles einfacher kürzer und genauer ausdrücken. Deutsch ist besser zu verwenden für Dichtkunst oder um Geschichten zu erzählen,. Außerdem kann der Blog dann von mehr Menschen gelesen werden. Natürlich können Kommentare weiter in deutsch  oder anderen Sprachen verfasst  werden

This blog does not intend to give scientific advice or analysis. Its just wants to document the ongoing volcanic activity and the real events how they envolve, what might serve also as a basic for own conclusions.
Recently I decided to continue this blog - at least the activity updates and report- generally in English  language. My English might not be perfect, but at least better than  an automatic translator.Its easier to express anything in English than in German and it makes the blog easier understandable for international users. Special stories might be written in German. Comments can be posted in all languages, I recommend to use English, so comments are understandable for the most international visitors
some remarks about this blog:

Generally  also want to refer in this blog also  to other interesting aspects of the Canaries, many people might not know yet. But- currently  I want to document here the new and unexpected volcanic activity that began in 2011 , that has for itself many aspects, worth to review and tell about




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